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Identification of Cultural Stereotypes

Working with Stereotypes

This Unit provides an introduction to cultural stereotypes in and out of the work environment, and explores the reasons behind them. At the end of the module, a short quiz will challenge your knowledge and application of the unit content.

What is a Cultural Stereotype?

Reading Materials

Prejudice, Stereotyping and Discrimination: Theoretical and Empirical

Authors: John F. Dovidio, Miles Hewstone, Peter Glick, and Victoria M. Esses

The Main Reasons for Cultural Stereotypes

Reading Materials

Prejudices in Cultural Contexts: Shared Stereotypes (Gender, Age) versus Variable Stereotypes (Race, Ethnicity, Religion)

Author: Susan T. Fiske



Reflect on the different kinds of labels that are attributed via cultural stereotyping. What do you think are the dangers of cultural stereotyping?


Consider the problematic that stereotyping can lead to discrimination.


Reflect on the stereotypes that are sometimes linked to your culture. How does this stereotyping make you feel?

Unit 2: Cultural Stereotypes in the Workplace

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