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Cultural Stereotypes in the Workplace

Working with Stereotypes

This Unit provides an overview of how cultural stereotypes influence people working in multicultural organisation and the effectiveness of their work. It supports the learner to detect possible cultural bias, prejudices and beliefs.

The Influence of Cultural Stereotypes in Multicultural Organisations and Possible Cultural Biases

Reading Materials

The Role of Stereotyping in a Culturally Diverse International Business Environment

Authors: Romana Korez-Vide, Milan Jurse

Cultural Differences in Society per Country

Author: Commisceo Global Consulting



Reflecting on the Stereotype Content Model, how might cultural stereotyping lead to exploitation?


What kind of stereotypes do you notice in the workplace? Reflect on the way these stereotypes might influence yours or others’ behaviour.


Consider the idea that some people may tend to prefer individuals who are similar to themselves. Is this true for you? What might be the advantages and disadvantages of this bias? How might it lead to stereotyping?

Unit 1: Identification of Cultural Stereotypes

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Unit 3: Final Activities

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