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Introduction to Learning Styles

Learning Styles

This unit provides an introduction to learning styles and the characteristics displayed by different types of learner. Your personal learning style can be identified using the self-assessment exercise. Quizzes and educational games challenge your knowledge and application of the unit content.

Introduction to Learning Styles

Identify Your Learning Style

Kolb’s Learning Style Inventory: Questionnaire

Author: City of Bunbury: Emergency Resilience Tools

Learning Preferences (Kinaesthetic, Visual, Auditory) Video Quiz

Author: Make Your Mind Up

Reading Materials

Kolb‘s Learning Styles

Author: Alan Chapman

Learning Styles

Author: Jon Rosewell

Further Reading

Differentiated Learning Styles in Business

Authors: Scott Thompson

Experiential Learning: Experience as the Source of Learning and Development.

Author: Kolb, D.A (1984)



Reflect on the kinds of activities you enjoy most as a learner and that support you in learning at your best.


Thinking about yourself and others, reflect on the different learning styles introduced in this Unit. Can you recognise the learning styles of people that you work with? Are they similar or different to your own learning style?


Are there any other patterns that you notice in your own or your colleagues’ learning?

Unit 2: Cultures and Learning Styles

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