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Qualities in the Workplace

Qualities in the Workplace

In this Unit, you will be confronted with the topic of desirable qualities of a good workplace and a good staff in multicultural organisations. At the end of the module, a short quiz will challenge your knowledge and application of the unit content.

Desirable Qualities of a Good Workplace

Reading Materials

Case Study: Is it Teasing or Harassment?

Authors: Dianne Bevelander, Jacqueline Nolan, Michael Page (Harvard Business Review)

Desirable Qualities of a Good Staff in Multicultural Organisations

Improving Qualities in the Workplace

Reading Materials

Process Effectiveness and Efficiency

Author: Pretesh Biswas (APB Consultant)

5 Strategies to Improve Organisational Effectiveness

Author: Central Christian College of Kansas

Assertiveness: 15 Examples for Setting Performance Goals

Author: Employeepedia



Now that you know the concepts of efficiency and effectiveness, think about the difference between them.


Consider how you can contribute to increasing the efficiency of your organisation. Has your organisation taken any measures to increase efficiency?


You have learned why assertiveness is important in a multicultural organisation. Consider whether you or your colleagues are assertive and what can you do to improve this competence.

Unit 2: Final Activities

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