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What is Cross-Cultural Awareness?

Cross-Cultural Awareness

In this Unit, the user is confronted with the topics of culture, cultural awareness, sensitivity, and cross-cultural shock. At the end, he/she will have to answer a short Quiz.

Culture and Cultural Awareness

Reading Materials

Cross Culture Awareness

Author: Ankush Mehrotra

Cultural Sensitivity

Reading Materials

Cultural Sensitivity

Author: Utah Village

The Importance of Cultural Sensitivity in Business Dealings

Author: CHRON

13 Benefits and Challenges of Cultural Diversity in the Workplace

Author: HULT International Business School

Culture Shock

Reading Materials

Cross-Culture Shock

Author: Charles Thornhill


Author: Kristofer Gilmour



Reflect on the elements of the ICEBERG at your workplace.


Think of the meaning of Cultural awareness and why it is important in your workplace.


Reflect on the advantages that cultural sensitivity could bring in your company.


Thinking about yourself and others, have you ever experienced culture shock? why?

Unit 2: The Most Popular Cultures Occurring in Europe

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